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    Unanswered: Connecting to DB2 V6.1 using .NET

    I'm trying to connect to a db2-server v6.1 from my .net application. The db2 client is installed, and another application, a java application is successfully connecting using a jdbc driver. But when I try to connect with my application I get communication error (10061).

    In my development environment I was using DB2 Express-C v10 with a copy of the real database. I was hoping that when I was deploying the application to my IIS Server I could just use the provider shipped with DB2 Express but then I recieved this error.

    I suppose I have the option to use the JDBC driver from .NET but is there a more direct approach?

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    What db2-client and fixpack are you trying to use?
    What platform (operating system) runs your DB2-server?
    (Are you sure the DB2 really is version 6.1 , how are you verifying this)?
    How have you catalogued the server from the client?
    Can you connect to the db2-server from the db2 command-line at the client?

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