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    Unanswered: Question On Writing SQL Statement

    From the tables that I attached,

    a. Assume Job relation is created. Write the SQL statement that will create the EMP relation (use the structure shown in Table 2)

    Following is my answer:

    Create Table EMP 
    (empnum NUMBER(3), 
    lname VARCHAR2(15) CONSTRAINT emp_lname_nn Not Null, 
    fname VARCHAR2(25), 
    mi CHAR(1), 
    hiredate DATE CONSTRAINT emp_hiredate_nn Not Null, 
    enddate DATE, 
    Jobcode CHAR(3), 
    Salary Number(10,2) 
    CONSTRAINT emp_empnum_pk Primary Key (empnum), 
    CONSTRAINT emp_jobcode_fk Foreign Key (jobcode) REFERENCES Job(job_code);
    b. Write the SQL statement that will enter the first data row into the EMP relation

    Insert into EMP values (101, 'O''Connel', 'John', 'mi', '11-Aug-2000', NULL, '502', 3600)
    For both of this questions, can someone checks with me whether am I doing it correctly? Please point out my mistakes if any, I appreciate your guides.Thank you!
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    The purpose of TO_DATE is to convert string datatype to DATE datatype.
    With Oracle characters between single quote marks are STRINGS!
    'This is a string, 2009-12-31, not a date'
    When a DATE datatype is desired, then use TO_DATE() function including format.
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