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    Intro and request

    Hi all,

    I have just joined the forum. I am a complete database novice and would really appreciate some advice for a project I am undertaking.

    I want to build a crowd sourced academic document archive (web app) which would work like this:

    (1) An author registers, then submits a document.

    (2) The author defines the document by attributing various tags to it.

    (3) The tags are chosen from existing lists within the application.

    (4) The author can also create new tags if no suitable ones are available.

    (5) Another user can then search/filter for documents by defining his/her search with tags from the existing list in the system.

    (6) He/she can also refine the search/filter by attributing extra "weighting" to particular tags or combinations of particular tags. This is very important.

    (7) Users can also filter/search for similar articles to the one they have just read by filtering for articles with same or similar tag attributes.

    I want to build a very simple working prototype to demo the idea and would appreciate your advice on a suitable platform. This need not be the platform the web app ends up being built on, but rather something a novice can use and which permits the above requirements (I am a quick learner). It would also be nice if it was free as paying from this country is difficult.

    My thanks in advance

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    I'm a huge fan of CMS packages. These allow you to build a prototype web site with about the same effort as a desktop package. The prototype can then be adapted to whatever scale you need, either by paid professionals or by yourself (after some studying).

    Several links down the chain of pages, the section under Notable Web CMS will give you some suggestions for specific packages to investigate.

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