Hello i am a ICT student from europe and i have a performance that's due tomorrow. So first of all we got this sheet of paper with loads of questions that needed to be answered for the performance, but three questions just confuse me and i am in desperate need for help because i don't know if what i answered is correct.

First i will write the text and after that the questions.

"Training Chain Pulse is completely newly established and shall be a training facility where clients can come and train independently, participate in organized training or have a session with his/her personal trainer. Fitness Chain Pulse will have three gyms. Two are on each shopping center south and east of the center, and the last one is located just off the city's largest college. They will have computers in all their centers.

They record the following data about their customers; name and address details, date of birth, when they exercise, what they train, the results of training and who is their personal trainer and any comments from the personal trainer.

By IT literates they have been advised to establish a network between the various training centers so customers should not have to be asked for full information if they visit another gym than they usually use"

Question 1: Suggest how all the computers in the training chain can be connected together.

Question 2: Present a prototype of a customer system (database)

Question 3: Describe how the network (local) should be configured to ensure that the customer information is safe.

This is what i think the right answers are but i need your help.

1. The computers can be connected through a server or a database, this makes it easy to see all the computers that are connected within the three different training centers. anything to add to this or edit out?

2. I think they mean that i need to go into mysql and make a prototype for a database that i am suppose to present, my weakest point by far is databases so please help me out on this.

3. If the network is wireless you should add WPA and WPA-2 protection, this method protects all data that is transmitted through the wireless network, personalize access on who can configure the wireless settings and it ensures that no one can easily connect to the wireless network and use the Internet without any permission.

The problem is, idk if this is what they mean, the question made me confused.
My answer is wrong if they aren't talking about the internet but the network, if someone knows what they mean feel free to share

That is all