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    Unanswered: Oracle Wallet Manager

    Dear All,

    Recently I have installed a SSL Certificate for Oracle HTTP server by Oracle wallet manager. Now I need to install the same certificate to a new server with same configuration(my client wants to create standy server). To do that I must have the same private key and the user certificate. Now my queries are :

    --can i export private key and user certificate via OWM? or
    --will it work if i copy the wallet file (which i create during crt installation) to the new server? or
    --any other suggestion to help me out?



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    The theory part is OK (i.e. if you copy both the private key and the user certificate to another server things should still work). Although I've never tried what you're attemptiong to do I'm guessing that you would need to export/import via OWM rather than just copying the wallet file.
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