Hi everyone,
So I'm starting a Saturday theatre club in our little village, and as I'm quite new to Access I was wondering if someone could help me?

When signing up to the club the person would choose a job that they would like to do. They would do the same job for the whole year and different fun productions that we would perform. This means that if someone signs up at the beginning of the year and wants to help out backstage, they would do that for the whole year. It also means that if someone signs up to play a small part they would do that for the whole year and so on, no matter what play we're putting on.

Therefore I would need to seperate both types of jobs: Backstage and Actors and will need to be able to find out if I have enough actors for the part.
The only problem which I have, is the fact that some roles will have multiple roles and I have no idea how I can seperate that.
I would need the database to hold all the people's details, different performance details, actors and backstage jobs, and which jobs have and haven't been filled.

Would anyone be able to give me guidance on how to set the data table?
Thanks in advance.