Hi everyone. This might be silly, but I was wondering if you all could help me pick a job title?

I graduated a couple years ago and have been working as a software engineer. I find I like writing SQL and working with databases more than writing in Java. So now I'm trying to switch to database work. I'd eventually like to become a DBA.

I've been offered a job as a data specialist, which sounds generic and low level to me. Since I won't be getting a raise, I'm going to try to negotiate a better title to help me in the future. From what I understand, I'll mostly be writing SQL, creating reports, and checking the incoming data.

  • Data Analyst - sounds impressive to me, like a scientist, but maybe it's not technical enough, then again maybe it'd give me more options in the long run
  • Database Specialist - specialist sounds low level to me, but at least it includes database
  • Database Developer - since I'm a software engineer this is my favorite since it sounds like I'm creating something, but maybe this isn't appropriate since I'm not going to be writing queries for software or creating any kind of applications
  • Database Analyst - this sounds like it's below developer but above specialist, I suspect they may be most comfortable giving me this title
  • Report Developer - I think I'll be spending most of my time creating reports, but this won't be all I do, I like it again though because it includes developer

The database server is managed by an outside company, so I don't think labeling myself a DBA is appropriate. The design of the database is also mandated by the software they use, so I won't be altering it much if at all. I will be the only one inside the company that works directly with the database though.

Sorry again if this is silly!