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    Unanswered: One chart, multiple data...line..things, one rowsource

    Salutations, again!

    Graphs and charts are unknown territory to me in general considering I haven't messed with them since math class in high school. I'm having some issues incorporating one into my application.

    I have a table, it's called Flightlog, and it hold ALL of the information that I need.

    I have a query, called FlightLog_Charts, I've asked it to give me a date range between two controls on a related form, the number of flights that occurred during that timeframe that were "Completed", the number of flights that were declined for various reasons.

    I have a report named FlightLog_Graphical and I want one line graph on it.

    In that line graph I want it to give me a graphical representation of the number of completed flights in said date range in one color.

    I want it to show me another graphical representation of declined flights on the same graph, in a different color.

    I'm not sure if I'm not getting the query right, or I'm going about obtaining the data the wrong way, but both of the lines follow exactly the same pattern which shouldn't be the case. I suspect it's just counting the number of records in the query for both cases. I'm not sure if I need two different queries here and if so, I have not the slightest on how to do that.

    As always your expertise is appreciated
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pis7ftw View Post

    ...I suspect it's just counting the number of records in the query for both cases...
    That's quite possible, but there's no way for anyone to tell unless you post the SQL for your Query! Alternately you could save your file in the 2003 format, zip it up and post it here. (Saving it in the 2003 format will allow more members to view it and possibly help you.)

    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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