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    Arrow Unanswered: !! Database Design HELP!! Important! Final Project for Final!

    I have made a database about Phone Store Inventory the description is in the attachments also with the actual database.

    It's small database but I'm not sure how I can improve my database.

    It is my final project for Database Management course and my teacher is very picky. I have to say I'm not so good at this that why I need your help.

    The Grade from this Project will decide If a pass this class or not that's why it's is incredibly important for me!

    So my question is what I have to change, improve, add, delete in my database? What queries I can use to impress my teacher?

    Also If you have any suggestions regarding my word document which is about requirements/description of that database how I can improve that also...

    I didn't do the database Scope diagram that shows the operations or functions that the database project will address and identifies the functions that fall outside of this application. Because I didn't know how to connect that all together so if you have any idea I will be very thankful..

    Requirements and Database are in zipped file.

    Please help me with this, it is very important for me.

    Thank you so much!
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    If I understand your post right, what you're asking is for someone here to improve (and possibly correct/amend) your schoolwork, so that you can present it as yours to impress your theacher and get better grades than those you would normally receive.

    I'm sorry but, personally, I don't play this kind of game. I can understand that it's important to you however that's irrelevant here.

    The question you first have to find answers to are:
    - Is the project complete (whole), i.e. are all the specification defined in the project study present in the final program?
    - Is the project functional, i.e. can you compile it, can you use it, does it work withour error?
    - Is the project usable, i.e. does it yield the expected results in a sensible amount of time with minimal efforts asked to the user?

    From this inventory you'll end up with precise questions, such as:
    - The query named qry_XXX does not yield the data set I expected.
    - When I compile the project, an error message "6 - Overflow" pops up and I don't know why.
    - I don't know how to build this form so that it's subform can be changed at run-time.
    - etc...

    These are the kind of problems that people in this forum are used to help in finding answers. We're all volunteers here, not free consultants.
    Have a nice day!

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    I'm not saying do it for me because I did it already. But they may be mistakes.

    I do not want you do edit this or anything.

    Do you have any critiques about that database?

    Want I want is help so you can tell me "Oh maybe that inventory and part table should be together instead of two separate tables. Or you suppose to add a Price, quantity etc row to part table which will improve that database"
    Maybe you can tell what's wrong and I will figure it out how to fix it. any feedback...

    Something like this. I know that you probably did at least couple databases and you are more experienced than me.

    This is my FIRST database! So I just want advice, not doing for me. Because for me it looks ok now. But I think my teacher for sure will find something and maybe you can catch whats wrong with this before my teacher will.

    You know the thing is this is our first database which we did during whole semester and its a alone final project. Which is ridiculous because he never show us anything during the class like examples in Access how to complete one. We just read the book together in class and that's it! And you know only reading a book and now at the end have hands on a program database it's little confusing. And when I'm asking him something his rude. One day a guy has a question for him and the teacher answered "Google it!" and that's it he doesn't care!. This is definitely my last class with this teacher. So, please just any little feedback I will very appreciate it.

    But I understand if you do not want help me with this. So you know any forum etc. where I can ask? Because my teacher will not help me, people from my class are confused also no one knows actually if they are doing it right so any ideas who I can ask for any feedback? Thank you.
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    It's not that I or anybody else I know on this forum would refuse to help you. The fundamental problem is that you simply cannot build an Access projet (or any other kind of program for that matter) with the hope or purpose that someone (teacher, supervisor, boss) will be "impressed" with it.

    If someone who knows the subject wants to quibble over what you did ("I would not have done it that way", "I don't like the use of such or such function", etc....) that someone will always be able to find arguments against you or you project. A sensible and honest supervisor, teacher, ... will consider three fundamental aspects that must be taken into account when evaluating an application (Access or any other kind):
    - Functionality.
    - Completeness.
    - Usability.
    That's what I enumerated in my first reply.

    Before trying to "polish" your project, you must be able to answer these 3 questions and if, by any chance (or lack thereof), one or some answers are negative (or "so-so"), you must first correct what does not comply to the specifications that where given when defining the project. At this stage, you are more than welcome to post any specific question you should have and I'm sure that other members of this forum will be pleased to help you (I'm sure that I will, if I can).

    Another aspect of the problem in your situation is that it's a school project supervised by a teacher. This teacher probably uses your work to evaluate whether you understood his/her lessons or not and so, expects to retrieve in you project features that he/she teached. We on the forum did not attend these lessons and cannot know what the aforementioned teacher expects from your work.

    I did not intend to "slam the door shut in your face" but you have to understand that people here are volunteers that accept to spend some of their time in the purpose of helping others. Analysing an Acces project can represent a faily large amont of work and time. Its easier and requires less time when the questions is (are) rather precise and can be used as a guideline. You can also have a look at: to better understand what I mean.
    Have a nice day!

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    Im with Sinndho
    this is your homework
    you are looking to polish that homewrork to improve your mark

    To impress your teacher id suggest
    include an ER diagram of the project, including the blind allies you went down before deciding on your final design. Couple that with your workins of how uou got to a normalised design. Having demonstrated that you design is normalised and you have thoroughly understood the reasons why you made the design choices you did.

    next id suggest you demonstrate your understanding of good db design principles by designing your tables and columns using an prriate naming convention that is compatable with the relevant ISO standard. As Access is the weapon of choice to really impress your teacher make certain you compleye all the properties for each column (such as labels, default values if appropriate, formats and so on)

    After that id expect your forms and reports to be laud out consustently, clearly and in a way that nakes the application easy to understand and easy to use. The IBM standards are usefull here. Implement various methods so that users can find the data they need in the manner ir form they need.

    implement security so tbat users see the dara they need and only the data they need.

    Allow reports to be printed or saved to odf for onward email submission.

    Implement error handling so that the app cannot fail due to inadequate user input. When something goes wrong handle the error gracefully pointing out what errors have occured and what steps the user should take to clear the fault.

    Demonstrate an understanding of Access by passing valuess between forms and other forms / reports / queries. Go further by implementing some features as fully blown classes with their iwn properties and methods.
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