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    Unanswered: Drop down list box help


    In MS Access i have two drop down boxes on my form

    The first is called 'classification' and the second is called 'operator'.

    When i select an option in the 'classification' drop down box such as "operator error" The box called 'Operator' is enabled and i can select the name of an operator. Picking anything other than "operator error" from the 'classfication list' will result in the box greying out.

    ..great just what i want. This is the code that works:

    Private Sub Classification_AfterUpdate()
    If Me.Classification.Column(0) = "operator error" Then
    Me.Operator.Enabled = True
    Me.Operator.Enabled = False
    End If
    End Sub

    Here' s the question: How do i get this code to do the same thing but with other selections in the classfication list?

    Really appreciate any help!

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    either add all the required classifications that woudl force the disabling tot he after update code....
    be a bit smarter and add a (hidden) value in the combo which indicates if that value should disable the operator control.
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