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    Question New Member Question: Online interactive exercises on ERD and Normalization?


    Im not sure where to put this question so I figured id post here and if mods can move it to appropriate section if necessary.

    Ok well im a Computer Information Systems major and currently at the finish line for my Database Management class. Portion of the final will be multiple choice and T/F and the rest will be questions to work out such as SQL, ERD and Normalization.

    I wanna be able to practice building a ERD from 10-15 entites and be able to normalize from unnormailzied to 1st - 3rd and maybe 4th. Ive practiced questions ive been given and want more different problems to work on to get more practice and grasp of it.

    Question: Can someone suggest a place online that gives out ERD or Normalization exercise problems thats possibly interactive or atleast shows the answers with steps on how to do it at the end?


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    I'd like to hear about this too if anyone has any recommendations. I know of a few paid sites that do this as part of their curriculum, but I've never seen a free site that was of any value to me.

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