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    Unanswered: need help urgently

    Hi im currently studying mcsd and we are busy with sql im still mew at this sp o dpnt know how to start of spmeone can just please help me..!! Our facilitator said that there is a key we need to figure out? This is the question we got ..!!! You are a web developer of Int company and a client has asked you to create a website to accept student enrollments. Your company supervisor needs you to start wit the regostration page.! Create a registration page that allows the user to enter their first name,
    Ast name, residental address , postal address , country, previous high school, date pf birth, preferred subjects.

    . the preffered subjects should be a total of 6 subjects that are displayed in a drop dpwn list and the user must select from the dropdown.

    . the date of birt should pick from a callender.

    .this website should display at the bottom right corner the current date and time.

    So i know how to do the registration but the after that im confused

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    Not sure how this is SQL related, sounds much more like a basic website.
    What have you tried so far?
    I quite like JS-Fiddle for mocking up websitey things.
    give it a go on there, hit the save button and then share your attempts with us (by pasting the URL back here).
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    What is your question? Be specific. What are you confused about? This is just a task or a problem like any other. Break it down into manageable pieces.
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