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    Question Unanswered: Extracting Partial Data in Access

    Hullo everyone. Thanks for the help already. However I have problem that I don't how to deal with and Ii request your help. I have an access database project I'm working on. It'a all about managing pupil's pocket money/upkeep while at school. I have three tables that I need to extract data from in order to determine a pupil's balance as time goes by. These tables are: PupilDetails, PayOut and tblReload. To determine a pupil's balance, I need to extract the AmountBF and AmountReceived from PupilDetails, AmountReloaded from tblReload, and the rest of the information from the PayOut table. I need to extract data from all these three tables. I use the field univID to connect all the three of them. I've tried the best I can to do it but the query returns completely nothing in case I query a univID that either has no reload made for that particular term, or payout made made to it in that same particular term. Since it's not a must to withdraw one's pocket money, and also since it's very possible that a pupil may not reload more money to his/her account, I need the query to return the AmountBF and the AmountReceived from that pupil for that particular because it exists and so it's his/her available/actual balance until any payouts or reloads are made. I found it easier to determine a pupil's balance using a report that's based on a query; but since the report won't return anything if the query returns nothing, It's flawed now. Please help me out.
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    What's the SQL expression of the query you tried and does not work?
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    Seems you only needed 2 tables. pupil and transaction.
    Trans table would record EVERY transaction spent (and maybe pupil balance before)
    Pupil.balance would then decrease with every trans.

    why a 3rd table?

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