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    Unanswered: SQLServer 2000 Backup on Multiple Disks

    I have one of the database on SQL Server 2000. The database is close to 200 GB. Any single local disks I have are not free enough to accommodate the entire backup. Is there a T-SQL script that I can run to specify the multiple backup file location with size so I can distribute my backup across multiple disks. Or Any other workaround someone wants to suugest? I tried the USB disks , however SQL Server wont use that to save the backup file.



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    1. Get a big USB disk drive.
    2. Attach the USB drive to the Windows machine running your SQL Server
    3. Restart Windows on the machine.
    4. Backup the database to the USB drive
    5. Shutdown the Windows machine.
    6. After the hardware turns off, remove the USB drive
    7. Turn the Windows machine on again.
    8. Enjoy your backup!
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    Thanks for the reply. I tried that. SQLServer wont use that USB Disk (Even though it shows as Local Disk in " My Computer") to save the backup files.

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    How about backing up to a network share? You'll have to make sure that SQL Server is running as an account that has access to the share you want to use.

    Microsoft KB Article 207187

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