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    Unhappy Unanswered: So stuck On Multiple Field Links

    Hi All on dB Forums,

    I have been stuck on this one for hours now, can't think of the correct terminology to search with in an engine, so my explanation of the issue might be poor!

    I have created a BD to use join some SAP tables for use as a Vendor progression tool.

    I have a form that contains the following fields

    PO Number
    Line Number
    Sequence Number

    All the of these fields are unique together, for example you could have 20 different parts on a PO, you could have ordered 200 units on [line]10 and the vendor may deliver in drops of 100 so you would have 1 po with 1 line and 2 sequence numbers.

    Now the form lists these correctly no problem, however I want to be able to add a comment and a new date for each po/item/sequence. This is where it goes wrong!

    I created a form with a subform activated by a Command Button, the issue is that any comment entered goes against the PO, and not into the lower levels!

    How can I make Access record comments at the most detailed level and even better if possible record the comment straight into the form!

    I am sure I am missing something simple here and any help would be appreciated!


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    How do you store the data?

    In such a case, I would have 1 table for the PO (say Orders), 1 table for the PO Lines (say OrderLines) and 1 table for what you call the sequences. I would then create relationships like this:
    Each table having a primary key and [OrderLines] and [Sequences] having a foreign key to their parent table, you won't have any problem to reach the right line in the right table.
    Have a nice day!

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