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    Unanswered: Using VB to change data validation

    This seems simple yet I am stumped. I have a drop down data validation in cell J1 that is a simple Yes or No. Starting in column C7, all cells have a drop down in them with a list of dept numbers.

    I simply want to try to limit the user to be forced to use this drop down list if the answer in cell J1 is Yes. If No, I want the user to be able to type in any department number they choose (3 digits).

    Any suggestions on how to set the data validation to either turn on or off based on results from J1?

    Using MS Excel Microsoft Office Standard 2010.


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    ooo..tricky. One method could be if J1=YES, then the cbo box is visible, (# limit)
    if no, cbo is invisible so they can enter any #.

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