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    Unanswered: DLookUp in Label Caption

    I have a label on many forms and reports. Originally each was hard-coded text with the name of the organization "First Church Music List". To port the db for use by other organizations, I've created a table tParameters and with 2 text fields ParameterName and ParameterValue. qParameters is an alpha sort of it. At present the table has one entry:
    ParameterName ParameterValue
    OrganizationName "First Church" (without quotes).

    I entered the following in the caption property line of the label:
    =DLookup("[ParameterValue]","qParameters", "[ParameterName]='OrganizationName'") & " Music List"

    The form merely displays the line as typed. Removing the & " Music list" doesn't help. Is there a restriction on using dlookup in the caption property? What have I done wrong or what is the best way to accomplish this.

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    set the caption property for the label control in the forms on open event

    or set the caption property for each form in the forms on load event
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    Thanks, it works. Now, for the technically curious answer two questions.
    1. Why can't we just put that formula in the caption property directly in design view?
    2. You used On Open in the first suggestion; On Load in the second. Why?
    With many thanks as usual,
    Pete Townsend

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete Townsend View Post

    ...Why can't we just put that formula in the caption property directly in design view...
    The Access gnomes expect a Caption to be a String, and treat anything placed there as such.

    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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