in my relational data base i have the following table,

Tableau: Clim data

Region_id --- temperature
SD --- 20
SD --- 25
SD --- 30
SD --- 33
SD --- 35
Bi --- 15
Bi --- 19
Bi --- 20

this table shows the values of temperature for the two provinces(SUD sd, Beirut bi).

on the other side, these two provinces (SUD sd, Beirut bi) has a geographical reference defined in the spatial database that constitutes the
map of Lebanon at provinces level with the same identification (sd,bi) respectively.

the spatial database that constitutes the map of Lebanon at Province level which, by its turn, is digitalized through ArcGis software and saved as LebMap.shape.

my main objective is :

i need to know if there are PLSQL packages, procedures, functions or any Oracle tools through which i achieve two tasks:

1) link the two relational and spatial databases by the identification(sd, bi)

2) select available data in the CLIM table to diffuse or disseminate them on Lebanon map at provincial level (SUD , BEIRUT) represented by
LebMap.shape, and classify them by colors; for example:
20-30 blue color on the map
31-40 Red color on the map.

Etc ...

I thank and appreciate whoever gives me any suggestion.

software that i am using :
Oracle Enterprise Manager Version, Forms [32 Bit] Version ,
oracle JInitiator:, WebUtil 1.0.2(Beta), windowXp Service pack3 , Internet Explorer 8.