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    Question Noddy database design question about lists


    A very simple question but I'm going round in circles and would appreciate some help! Simplifying somewhat - I have a list of films, and each film is in zero or more languages, e.g.:
    "Film1" is in English.
    "Film2" is in French and German.
    "Film3" is in English, French and German.
    "Film4" has no language (not applicable or unknown).

    How do I model this as an ERD (I'm using Visio)? Do I need one entity for "Film", another for "Language" and another one for "LanguageGroup"??? And what are the relationships and cardinalities between these entities?

    Many thanks in advance!

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    There are multiple possible choices. What have you covered in class so far?

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    "LanguageGroup"??? do you mean a table with all the different languages grouped to gether? Something like:
    id Languages
    1 english, german
    2 english,french
    3 french,german
    4 english,french,german
    5 .................

    I would think something like:
    one entity for "Film", another for "Language"
    there would be a row in "Language" for each language the film is in.
    "Film1", English
    "Film2", French
    "Film2", German
    "Film3", English
    "Film3", French
    "Film3", German

    For Film4 you would go with no row, or if you must have it then "FILM4", N/A

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    I have over 1,200 Data Models on my Database Answers Web Site and this one shows an example of the solution to your problem -
    Foreign Language Dictionaries Data Model
    In your case, a Product becomes a Film, and the table called Prod_Text_Fields holds records of which Films are available in which languages - of course, you need only the two Primary Keys.


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    Id expect an entity for films, ons for languages and ond for the language a film is dubbed or subtitled with. The latter is an intersection table whose primary key is a composite of the primary keys of the film and language entities. Im presuming when you refer to a film having multiple languages you mean you have one film for each language.
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