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    Unanswered: Query Eliminating Data

    Good afternoon access experts!

    I am using Access 2010 and running into an issue where a query (which uses 2 tables) is eliminating data because the tie is looking for a value that is not there.

    I work for a retail company, so I am working the items (SKUs) and trying to track some metrics on a weekly level. I update each week with a new table containing the same information in the same columns week over week. However this week I ran into a situation where a new SKU was added into mix. This is causing the query to ignore these new items.

    I am currently tying the two tables by their SKU number and my guess is that because the new SKU does not exist on the old table, it is eliminating the data because it is null. I tried using the "'sku number' or is null" method but still not having any success.

    Do you guys know of any other way? I am sure the way I am housing the data (creating a new table each week) is not the most ideal. I have only been working in access for a week now. If you have any advice how I should handle housing historical data (approximately 30 metrics and 9000+ items every week) I would truly appreciate it.


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    its all down to how the query is tructured, what the join is and so on.

    by the sound of it you want ALL the rows in the 'new' table, and any rows that match the SKU number on the older table

    Unfortunately JOINS is the main area where Access goes of the ISO standard SQL reservation

    if you are using the query designer (and Im expecting that to be so select the link line between the two tables and select the correct type of link you want
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    Thanks for the advice.

    I actually re-imported the tables from the xls sheet and changed the primary key. This also allowed me to make changes to the fields I wanted.

    Then I was able to allow all of the correct data to show up using the 'Join Properties' function. All I had to click was "Include ALL records from 'NEW' and only those from 'OLD' where the joined fields are equal."

    This fixed everything and I now feel a little silly posting this question (although it did take me entirely too long to find that).



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