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    Unanswered: Hardware change (mksysb(rootvg) restore and db2)

    Sorry for the noob question but just want to confirm...

    If we restore the mksysb(rootvg) onto the new server (different hostname) and mount the instance home and db file systems to the new server.
    Will the multinode db come up after updating the .ssh keys and db2nodes.cfg files or more things need to be done.

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    It depends on the complexity involved..sometimes other things change (that were not supposed to change, or poor communications mean that you did not get notified about the changes).

    See also IBM Changing hostname of the DB2 server - United States
    for db2system

    I found in the past that any of the following caused a need for adjustments before the rehosted instance would operate without errors:
    * uid or pwd or gid values change
    * mount points change
    * SQL-replication is involved
    * HADR is involved
    * if the clients connect using the old hostname.
    * TSM (or equivalent) is involved
    * HA is involved

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