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    Unanswered: DBIII+ printing in windows

    I have a program written in DBIII+ dutch.
    I had to buy a new computer. stand alone
    I got win 7 32 bits. home premium
    I reroute my lpt1 to an usb-printer.
    NET USE LPT1 \\prins-pc\hl2130
    The connection is there.
    No error in the cmd.
    The printer prints pages.
    BUT THEY ARE ALL BLANK. no letters.
    greetings anthonie. 76 jaar young from the netherland.

    mail :

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    Create a new generic text printer that prints to file.
    Run your program and then open the print file with notepad (or better notepad++).
    Send the print file to the usb printer from notepad.

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