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    Exclamation Need some help designing a data warehouse!!

    Firstly, I am working on AdventureWorks 2008 OLTP Schema. I am trying to design a data warehouse for the product team to satisfy these requirements:

    - Which products are the most profitable / least profitable and should be made widely available

    - What are the most/least popular products and how do these correlate to revenue and cost

    I am currently stuck and I have no idea where to start this planning from... can someone please point me to the right direction please.

    Thank you

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    Your product team is using the AdventureWorks sample database?
    Sounds like a homework assignment to me...
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    What have you covered in class so far? More importantly, what type of class is it (survey, intro, Computer Science, other)? When did you get this assignment? When is this assignment due?

    Without some insight into what is expected, I can't offer very good suggestions on how to accomplish it!

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