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    Unanswered: Help with a pop up window with relevant information upon clicking a value in cell


    I have a dashboard with 3 columns as depicted below, where year means the period referred to, Newbees are the new agencies and Existing are the already existing agencies.

    Year Newbee Existing
    2010-11 2.12 163.43
    2011-12 7.92 206.04
    2012-13 11.83 236.19
    2013-14 16.95 237.90

    What I want to do is that when I click on cell A2 (2010-11) or cell A3 (2011-12) or so on, it opens a pop up or a window and displays the names of the agencies in the popup as displayed below:

    2010-11 (Period referring to)
    Sl. No. Newbee Existing
    1 Amit assoc. Gupta & co
    2 Parth co. Aggarwal Logistics
    3 Glennfier The Company
    4 Bumbble ABC & Co
    5 XYZ assoc
    6 hfuh pvt ltd
    7 Mhfnd & co.

    This information will be pulled form a source sheet in the same workbook which will have the period wise breakup of the Newbees and Existing agencies.
    I have attached an example file as well.
    Please help as this is really urgent and with your help I might be able to close it and share this dashboard with my COO today itself.


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