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    Unanswered: Slow Access Database

    I have an Access 2103 database with Windows 7.

    12 users. Front end database with a link to a 2nd databse which is on our server containing the tables.

    All of a sudden, the database has slowed down to a crawl when we first access any information from one of the tables. Once the first record is found, finding other records works instantly as expected. It is just this first connection to anything within the tables on the server. Happens again if the database is closed and re opened.

    I have tried opening other files directly on the server such as large PDFs and they open instantly indicating there is no issue with the conenction to the server.

    I have also made a new front end databse and copied all my forms, reports, modules into that but this has made no difference.

    Is there anything else I can try?


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    Id suggest you try to find out where the bottleneck is

    if this has suddenly happened then it could be because your network trolls have changed something..

    it could be a db issue (compile the front to see if there are problems in code. do a compact and repair on both files BUT ONLY ON COPIES so you have a safety in case it goes all Katie Price)

    when you say its suddenly gone slow has anything significant changed with the application (more concurrent users, more data)

    the fact that you say it takes a while to find the first record, then after that its ok suggests to me that it could be a corruption in the data. it coudl also be that the server is low on memory (the network trolls may have done something or another application may be hogging all the server memory)
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    We have moved the back end tables onto a newer server and the problem has gone away. Thanks for your help.

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