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    Unanswered: Design of the table

    I have a 33 columns in my table (in accordance with the normalization, describe one thing). But only 16 of them, every time I complete. Technically I can split this table to two tables. So the questions are:
    1) What is better for performance. To Have a one table? Or split to two tables with realtions (16 - first table, 17 second table)?
    2) If I fill 16 fields to describe some order, Ms Access uses space for 16 fields or all 33 fields?

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    is their a performance problem?
    is their a security problem?
    ...both of those could be reasons for splitting a normalised table into two tables using a one to one link

    as to whether you are consuming too much space, by having say too many NULL columns, I doubt it.,

    however there could be another reason for splitting the tables, and that is if the 17 coulmns are in effect a sub type of the first 16 columns... look up super/sub type model
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