hello together,

i have to lose the following question. i must find the nickname from the person by giving id number. For example i will find the person with the id=100, but this isn`t going with where-clause only.
Can anyone tell me, how i can do this with below code?
I am very grateful for any help :-(

create type user_typ as (
benutzername varchar(20)
) ref using integer
mode db2sql;

create type person_typ under user_typ as (
nachname varchar(20),
vorname varchar(20)
mode db2sql;

create table user of user_typ (
ref is id user generated,
primary key (id)

create table person of person_typ
under user inherit select privileges;

insert into user (id, benutzername) values (user_typ(101), 'neu101');
insert into person (id, benutzername, nachname, vorname) values (person_typ(100), 'han100', 'Mai', 'Markus');