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    Question Unanswered: Is it even possible?

    Hello, I am a Chef by profession with computers as a hobby. Currently I work in a banquet kitchen doing insane numbers of people and events. We serve thousands of guests a day with 15-30 separate BEO's (Banquet Event Order). A single BEO can range between a couple celebrating an engagement to a corporate function with upwards of 20,000 guests. BEO's can contain a host of different menu's, custom orders, single items and special dietary needs. As you can imagine this creates an inventory management nightmare on several levels. What I would like to be able to do is input the items needed on each BEO as a separate record with options for menu's, menus with custom items, custom menus and individual items.
    For instance
    BEO 1 is a standard menu of Ch Chip Cookies, Oatmeal Cookies and brownies.
    BEO 2 Is the same menu except Instead of oatmeal cookies they want sugar.
    BEO 3 Is an entirely custom menu of chocolate truffles made with a special order chocolate.

    What I would like is to be able to do is input these into a system that would then populate reports based on upcoming needs. Usually I am 7 days ahead when doing planning assuming these 3 beo's are for Saturday the 24th I would put them in the system Saturday the 17th. When I ran Monday's reports it should tell me to order the appropriate amount of flour, sugar and specialty chocolate. On Wednesday's report should be a reminder to check on the specialty chocolate, on Thursday's report the pounds of cookie dough to be made and the sheet pans of brownies. On Fridays report a total # of cookies to be baked, brownie sizes to be cut and # of truffles to be rolled and finally on Saturday the breakdown of how many of each item go to each event. I am hoping to generate several reports each day One to go to purchasing, one for the production team, One for the finishing team and a master for me. This is simplified for the example in reality it would be a rolling system with each day having it's own BEO's. I know I would need Tables for Menu's, Menu Items, and different tables for ingredients, mixes and finished products. I would like to design the system so the actual BEO entries only stay in the system for a week or so. I certainly will not need to know what I did last week.

    Any directions you could point me in would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you
    P.S. I know how to airmail cookies.

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    yes its possible, to be hinest the answer to virtually any such question is yes, its possible
    ...however that also needs a but

    it depends on your skills, your ability to learn and pick up information

    the cusitmer bookings, orders etc arent an isuse. the main area of comncern for me would be the recipie / food management
    its not really the custoemr order side, its the ingredient explosion working out what you need to order. that infers a stock issue.

    in the ingredient explosion (ie taking a single recipie item and breaking it down into its constituent ingeredients) that the problems will manifest themselves. ferinstance quantities. the purchase itme could b, say bags of suagr in Kg, but used in grams.

    is it dooable yes
    is it dooable by an enthusiast, yes but it may take a heck of a long time and ionvloivle a few blind allies before you reach the final goal.

    one thing I would say is before starting to tinker with tables try to write out a narrative of what you want, what you need, whats critical. how you co about doing things. effectively the computer process is not that different to your exisitng manual processes, so start by documenting those
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