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    I have a form which lists employees and departments, etc... this is linked to a query: qryEmployeeRecord

    In the footer of the form I have placed a combo box named cbodepartment.

    I have built a link in qryEmployeeRecord under department to the cbodepartment in my form.

    This allows me to apply a filter by department and works well.

    However, what I miss is the ability to 'list all'. How could I achieve this in this example?

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    have another button in the footer which enables or disables the filter. you can use a toggle style
     if mytogglebutton.caption = 'Enable &Filter' then 'we need to use the value from the combo
      me.filter = ..... 'whatever your code is for the filter
      mytogglebutton.caption = 'Disable &Filter'
    else 'we need to disable the filter
      me.filteron = false
      mytogglebutton.caption = 'Enable &Filter'

    populate the combo box yourself and add 'all' to the options. you may also need to intercept the on click to decide how to handle the 'all' option
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