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    Morning guys,

    Im trying to pull together a formula to achieve the below and was hoping someone here may be able to help. What i have is a spreadsheet to be used by staff in different countries so im looking to make it easy to modify the categories used without the user needing to do anything complex with formulas.

    The right hand side of my file (C:E) shows a code for each year we have covered a country with the year as a prefix (2014 - Blah). The left (A:B) is a summary showing the latest year we covered that country.

    Current formula:
    The current formula works fine if you set the columns to where the data actually is but for ease of use i need it to look at the data in rows 1:2 and match up the Continent/Country and then MAX the dates.

    Probably an easy thing to achieve but i cant seem to crack it, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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