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    Unanswered: Please help me to solve this case study

    Orient Courier Service is a leading provider of courier services to international/domestic destinations. The service has offices all over the country where it picks up parcels for delivery. When a customer walks in for handing over packets for delivery the clerk at the desk keys in the customer’s name, address, email, hp no,weight (package) as well as the receiver’s name, address, hp no, city and country. All the fields are compulsory except the email address. Amount is also entered and is calculated based on fixed charges which are stored in the database. For example.
    City Charges
    Johor Bahru 10/kg
    Sydney 30/kg
    London 25/kg

    Based on the above scenario you have to come up with a physical database with the following.
    1 A stored function to calculate delivery charges given city and weight
    Hint (create two parameters city and weight)
    2 A stored procedure to insert records into deliveries table
    HINT create stored procedure with parameters for each field in the deliveries table for ex customer address, phone, email and receivers’s address etc

    How i want to do this case study using oracle, because i'm new in oracle side.. thank you

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    we don't do home work but if you show us what you tried we will give you hints on what to do
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