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    Unanswered: column contains hex value --display using quey--db2 "select *from table_name"

    In db2, there is a column "C1"which cotanin hex value. While selecting,I use the query-- db2 "select *from sample_table"
    with this query it is not displaying the hex value for column "C1"
    For this if i use hex function it will display.
    my question is we have a existing table "old_table" which has the column "C2" conatins the hex value and when i use the statement ---db2 "select *from old_table"
    with this query it is display the value of column "C2" .
    i am not understanding that why it happenning for old_table. .
    Are we require some flags to notifying the column conatining hex value while creating the table.

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    db2level - platform -ddl of both tables - some sample data.....
    same db ? same putty window/user ? command window - tool ? local - remote ?
    many questions before this can be looked at..
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    And what are the data types of the columns in question?
    "It does not work" is not a valid problem statement.

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    the hex values are always displayed when you select a column, however, not all hex values are displayable in EBCDIC, so it might show as a blank. The only way to definitively see that there is something there is to use the HEX() function.

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