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    Unanswered: installing postgresql on opensuse 13.1 - in combination with osmosis

    i am also new to postgresql: i have some expecience with mysql. So sorry for the noob - questions.

    i am willing to install postgresql on opensuse 13.1 - well i want to combine it with osmosis

    first question : do i have to make some checks - to get an overview on the ressources and the performance and space etc. etx.

    note: i need to run postgresql with osmosis - so therefore i need some ressorces left.

    just need your advice for the first test -

    afterwards i am going to install postgresql

    btw: i am willing to follow some security advices:

    something that is specific to my environment should not be placed in system part. So if we want to create a native postgresql.service for systemd on our system we have to place it in /etc/systemd/system

    Well - i will try to avoid the following mistakes:

    step 1. Set in /etc/sysconfig (with YaST)
    the POSTGRES_DATADIR to /home/postgres92/data
    (/home has the big partition...)
    this is not good!

    step3. create this file postgresql.service in /usr/lib/systemd/system/
    cd /usr/lib/systemd/system/
    vi postgresql.service
    this is not good!

    what else should i do !?
    should i run some tests on console
    or test the free space on disc!?

    love to her from you

    dilbert ;-)

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    Hello dilbertone,

    I don't know something about "osmosis" but I know how to start and configure PostgreSQL at openSuSE 13.1:

    If you really want to set postgresql "DATADIR" to an other directory (for example /home/postgres92/data) it's important to create this directory and change the owner of this directory to user "postgres":
    mkdir -p /home/postgres92/data
    chown postgres:postgres /home/postgres92/data
    To start the postgresql server type in as user root:
    systemctl start postgresql.service
    To stop the postgresql server just type in as user root:
    systemctl stop postgresql.service
    You can enable postgresql server so postgresql server will start on every boot:
    systemctl enable postgresql.service
    "pgadmin3" is a good GUI program for postgresl.

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