At the moment we have 57 reports to run detailed billing reports. All the parameter are hard coded.

I need help with record selection. I have three parameters to select records, 'Audit No', 'Bill_TO_CODE' and 'Origin'. Audit is a manually a input number. Bill to code and origin is where I need help. I would like to create static parameter named 'TRA Line' that contain the hardcoded code stush as:

'"{TLORDER.INTERFACE_STATUS_F} = {?Audit No} and {TLORDER.BILL_TO_CODE} = ""TRA112"""' with a lable 'TRA112 Detall All'

'"{TLORDER.INTERFACE_STATUS_F} = {?Audit No} and {TLORDER.BILL_TO_CODE} = ""TRA113"" and {TLORDER.ORIGIN} in [""901L"", ""902L"", ""985L""]"' with a lable of 'TRA113 Detail Origins TRA901L, 902L, 985L'

Is this possible without the user needing to manually selecting bill_to_code's and origins?