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    Unanswered: Convert hh:mm:ss to Number

    Good morning,

    I'm trying to figure out if it is possible either in a query or report to convert time to a decimal number.

    112:09:51 converted to 112.09

    any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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    I ask because in the report that I'm working on I'll need to show Run Rate per hour which consist of Exit volume / Time

    Exit Volume / Time as Number = Run Rate
    646,280 / 112.09 = 5,765.72


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    =hours(mytimevalue) + minutes(mytimevalue)/100
    but surely you want it as a 'true decimal' (ie proportion of an hour)
    =hours(mytimevalue) + minutes(mytimevalue)/60 + seconds(mytimevalue)/3600

    another slightly kludgy way of achieving this is to take advantage of the way Accewss (using JET, its default storage medium) is convert the date time value directly into the proportion of hours. this assumes, as above, that you are using a sdatetime column/variable

    = dbl(mytimevalue)*24

    FWIW JET soters datetimes as a double value number.
    the integer part contains the number fo days form an arbitary point in time (day 1 is, IIRC, 31 Dec 1899), the decimal is the proportion of the day

    .50 is 12:00:00
    .75 is 18:00:00
    0.00069444444 is one second (or 1/60/24)
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    Thanks Healdem,

    So do this go in the Query or Report? Is this the correct way to input it?

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