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    Angry Unanswered: "sysadm".table_name to select tables data from another schema


    I'm new in Informix. I have a problem in Informix 9 and I don't know why is happening.

    If I want to select tables data of SYSADM schema from another schema, I must put "sysadm" before the table_name because if not I receive the following error: The specified table is not in the database.

    For Example:

    select * from "sysadm".table_name; <-- I can view the data.

    select * from sysadm.table_name; <-- ERROR!

    Could you please tell me why this is happening? Is privilege issue? The schema were I'm query the sysadm tables have FULL_ACCESS.


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    you have an error, but can you be more specific about the error code?
    Error is a fatality. Error with an error code will put you on the resolution track...

    The following are just suppositions, since you provide no error code delivered by the application.

    what do you call a "schema" exactly?

    Unless your database is created in "ansi mode" (which is very rarely done in the Informix community), you have no need to instanciate your SELECT with the owner of the table like ou did.
    Did you simply try
    select * from table_name
    I know that some 'other' rdbms use schema where we use database. The concept is totally different from the 'other' to Informix. As a first approach, Please make sure you are not using the schema instead of SELECTing data from another database, like:
    SELECT * FROM databasename:tablename
    Nonetheless, the way you enunciate the syntax means that sysadm is the owner of the table. Is this the case?

    If sysadm is the owner of the table, both syntax must be accepted.
    Check here, for the syntax, version number is not relevant in that case.

    Unless this is a bug in version 9, which is no more supported for years now...
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