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    Unanswered: Connection Manager csdk 3.70 doesnt start successfull

    I set up the following environment on linux rhel:

    Server srv-ids3 with 2 informix 11.7 instances
    informix 11.70 instance: alabpharma_ids3
    informix 11.70 instance: alabpharma_ids3_hdr
    The replication to the hdr works correct.

    Server srv-ids1-conmgr
    csdk 3.70

    I configured the cm on the srv-ids1-conmgr with the following files:

    connection-manager file:

    NAME ids3_cm
    LOGFILE /home/informix/instances/ids3_cm/logs/cm.log

    CLUSTER cluster_ids3

    SLA cm_oltp1_ids3 DBSERVERS=PRI



    g_ids3 group - - c=1,e=alabpharma_ids3_hdr
    alabpharma_ids3 onsoctcp srv-ids3 sqlexec g=g_ids3
    alabpharma_ids3_hdr onsoctcp srv-ids3 ids3_hdr g=g_ids3
    cm_oltp1_ids3 onsoctcp srv-ids1-conmgr cm_oltp1_ids3

    sqlexec 9088/tcp # IBM Informix SQL Interface
    ids3_hdr 40101/tcp # Infx ComPort for ids3_hdr
    cm_oltp1_ids3 40110/tcp # Infx Connectionmanger Port fuer ids3

    Environmet Variables:
    export INFORMIXDIR=/opt/informix
    export INFORMIXSQLHOSTS=$INFORMIXDIR/etc/sqlhosts.ids3_cm
    export PATH=$INFORMIXDIR/bin:$PATH

    I start the connectionmanager using the following command:
    oncmsm -c /opt/informix/etc/cmsm.cfg.ids3_cm

    Output of log-File:

    11:03:52 IBM Informix Connection Manager
    11:03:52 IBM Informix CSDK Version 3.70, IBM Informix-ESQL Version 3.70.FC7DE
    11:03:52 Build Number: N011
    11:03:52 Build Host: hans
    11:03:52 Build OS: Linux 2.6.18-128.el5
    11:03:52 Build Date: Wed Nov 28 05:15:38 CST 2012
    11:03:52 GLS Version: glslib-5.00.FC8
    11:03:52 SLA cm_oltp1_ids3 listener mode REDIRECT
    11:03:52 Connection Manager name is ids3_cm
    11:03:52 Starting Connection Manager...
    11:03:52 set the maximum number of file descriptors 32767 failed
    11:03:52 the current maximum number of file descriptors is 1024
    11:03:52 dbservername = g_ids3
    11:03:52 nettype =
    11:03:52 hostname = -
    11:03:52 servicename = -
    11:03:52 options = c=1,e=alabpharma_ids3_hdr
    11:03:52 Cannnot find SQLHOST information for -
    11:03:52 ALARM 5001 unable to connect to Informix server no SQLHOST information
    11:03:52 listener cm_oltp1_ids3 initializing
    11:03:52 Cannnot find SQLHOST information for -
    11:03:52 ALARM 5001 unable to connect to Informix server no SQLHOST information
    11:03:52 Listener cm_oltp1_ids3 DBSERVERS=PRI is active with 4 worker threads
    11:03:53 Connection Manager started successfully

    Any hints why it writes the "Cannnot find SQLHOST information for -" into the log?
    Whats the reason for this output?
    Is anything missing?
    The INFORMIXSQLHOSTS points to the correct sqlhosts file. If i make changes to it I become different output. So I can see that the cm uses the correct config.

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    I have seen strange things happening when the private replication ports are declared as secure (s=6 in the INFORMIXSQLHOSTS file), and also when INFORMIXSERVER names have a '_' in it...
    Basically, the CM takes the wrong INFORMIXSERVER to connect to the HDR leg of the cluster. Yes I know, this is buggy...

    I would add DEBUG=1 or DEBUG=2 in your /opt/informix/etc/cmsm.cfg.ids3_cm file.
    This should show you the detail of what the CM does and if he does it correctly.

    Also try adding
    in the cmsm file

    Hopefully, in your onconfig FILE you also must have DRAUTO to have the CM drive the failover.

    check the state of the CM with
    onstat -g cmsm
    If no line appears, your CM has not started successfully, despite the 'Successful' messages in the CM log file

    Having the CM work requires some patience, but once it works, it works great!
    YOu can also give a try with the last 4.10 Csdk, it is supported

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