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    Unanswered: Perforamnce issues after Deployment

    Hey there,

    it feels like I search the entire forum but still couldn't find the trick working for me.
    My problem is as follows:

    I have a db2 v9.7 64bit fix pack 6 instance running on my local machine (win, intel i5 2,5ghz, 8gb ram). Everything was fine back then but when I moved to a windows 2008 64bit server (2 x intel xenon e312 2,00ghz, 32 ram, db2 v10.5 fix pack 3 ese) the performance got worse. The workload and queryies are exactly the same even the accessplan and the overall configuration are with a few exceptions equal.

    I have some really big join statements. While executing them the server reaches 100% cpu usage and takes its time aprox. 15min whereas my local machine is much faster.
    I have noticed that the cpuspeed on the server mesuared by db2 is 5 times slower than on my local machine.

    Is this due to hardware issues or can this be fixed with some db2 tuning, if so how?


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    run explain and check the plan
    do you have an explain from previous run.. compare access path
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    If the 2 e312 processors each have 4 cores, and all 8 cores available to db2, then in addition to verifying your claim that the access plans for the joins are identical, compare also the dbm cfg and db cfg and db2 registry settings between the two environments, and the bufferpool(s) configurations.

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