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    Unanswered: Best way to manage json stored in DB

    I have to send a a big json for front end and decided to store this json in RDBMS(cause nodes have dynamic data) by converting it to relational tables
    So, when front end is displayed in browser, it calls service layer which will gets all the records from DB and then dynamically build JSON using this data and return to front end.

    I want to implement it differently by storing the entire json inside DB to avoid creating it at run time after pulling from DB. Currently we are using Oracle DB but since nothing is finalized, we can use a different DB which supports JSON format. The reason I want to do is because its easy to pull couple of jsons and merge them (each json is like Global / City specific/ Department specific so after getting all 3 json, we merge them. With traditional RDBMS, there would be lot of joins involved and data duplication too)

    For instance, this is the JSON (its just a small example I am putting in email but actualy JSON is very big, spanning 15+ pages)

    "id": "month",
    "order": "4",
    "type": "input-select",
    "label": "Month",
    "default" : "Select",
    "name" : "month",
    "value": "",
    "minLength": null,
    "maxLength": null,
    "description": "Enter Month",
    "error": "Enter Month",
    "required": true,
    "options" : [
    {"label": "Month", "value" : "month"},
    {"label": "January", "value" : 1},
    {"label": "February", "value" : 2},
    {"label": "March", "value" : 3},
    {"label": "April", "value" : 4}

    All I want to do is to be able to update this json whenever needed by Business easily
    Lets say they wanted to add more months in options array.

    Right now I know I can pull out this json from the DB, make edit in a editor like JSON Editor Online - view, edit and format JSON online and overwrite the updates JSON in DB again but its not Business would like to do. Editing big json as a string is error prone

    Is there a simple way (for instance in RDBMS it would have been update options set value = 2 where label = 'January')

    I know Oracle 12c or later has JSON support and MongoDB too
    I am open to use any DB
    Any suggestions?

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    >I know Oracle 12c or later has JSON support
    I disagree.
    go use MongoDB
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