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    Unanswered: newbie to mysql-administrator. Need guidance.


    I'm brand new to Linux and to MySql-Administrator. I just managed to figure out how to start it. I'm looking at this:

    All I want to do is view the contents of a table--any table. Can I please get a guide?

    Thank you.

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    Hi gib65,

    I can't help you with this client. Don't know it.
    But if you find the console or the query editor, you can use theses commands :
    show databases; -- to see the databases
    use database_name; -- to set the current database where request
    show tables; -- to see all tables
    desc table_name; -- to see the structure of a table
    select * from table_name; -- to see the content of a table

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    try loading mysql workbench instead/aswell
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