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    Unanswered: db2dart

    AIX 6.1
    DB2 10.1

    Part of the .RPT produced using db2dart to attempt lowering the HWM:
    High water mark: 18074938 pages, 9037469 extents (extents #0 - 9037468)

    Lower high water mark processing - phase start.
    Current high water mark: 9037468
    Desired high water mark: 0
    Number of used extents in tablespace: 4199670
    Number of free extents below original HWM: 4837799
    Number of free extents below desired HWM: 0
    Number of free extents below current HWM: 4837799

    Step #1: Object ID = 4062


    After many many repeated attempts of following the suggested reorgs and reducing the tablespace, each attempt has minimal change in the HWM.

    I am asking for any ideas for better success.

    Thank you in advance.

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    If your db is using automatic storage and the tbspaces are dms with reclaimable storage, try:
    alter tablespace ..... lower high water mark

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