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    Unanswered: Abort/RollBack Transaction on Connection abort from client

    We have multiple clients connecting to centralized server.

    Clients acquire locks under transaction with isolation level committed when clients abort connections to server. Seems like DB2 isn't releasing the locks by transactions on various tables.

    Is there a way to specify some settings on connection string in DB2 to abort/rollback/release locks from tables on aborted connections?

    something like SET XACT_ABORT

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    Seems that the DB2 server deems your disconnected clients as alive.
    You can change this behavior setting some OS & DB2 variables.
    Look at the TCP/IP keepalive settings and related DB2 registry variables technote.
    Note that starting with DB2 10.1 you have DB2TCP_SERVER_KEEPALIVE_TIMEOUT variable as well. Look at the Communications variables.

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