I have a database (PHP/MySQL) where staff record actions for a specific matter. I want to extract the data grouped so that all of the entries for each staff are gathered together in a table - so staff name in 1st column and in the 2nd column all of the notes they record for the action.

The table is 'matterjuncactions' and the relevant fields are 'staff' (records staff name) and 'notes' (records staff actions)

I have managed to get the sort of table I want in a test with:
SELECT DISTINCT matterjuncactions.staff, GROUP_CONCAT(DISTINCT notes)
FROM matterjuncactions
WHERE matterid = '5'
GROUP BY matterjuncactions.staff
ORDER BY matterjuncactions.staff

However, if I try to amend the separator from a comma to a semicolon (by using SEPARATOR ';' then i get a blank table.

Does anyone know why this is?