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    Unanswered: Create next and Previous Buttons

    Hi guys,
    i am new to VB.
    i have to make my final project at the university with VB and i have the following issue for start.
    I must create an application with VB that will include my teacher's book so the student can read.
    i did that with several forms.
    i create buttons for next and previous but i dont know what i must write to the code so when i press the next button go to the next page and when i press the previous button go to the previous.
    attached is the picture of how i create the projects.
    is in Greek but i translate in English the next and previous button
    Any help please

    thanks in advance
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    How do you know what page you are already on?

    When your form opens, what data does it display, and how?
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    i dont know in which page i am.
    i am just go forward to read the book or back to read again the previous page.
    i didn't think to number the pages
    is a good idea

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