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    Unanswered: Mysql count by week help

    Hi All

    I have a database with a table called tickets, the table has many columns but basically the ones i want are date and subject
    date is stored as datetime eg 14-06-04 10:33:39
    subject column has many different entries but i would like to only select where subject Like 073

    I currently have a query that counts the number of occurrences per subject
    SELECT COUNT(*) AS `cnt`, `subject` FROM tickets GROUP BY `subject` ORDER BY `cnt`
    I would like to change this to count the total number of tickets per week where subject = 073

    output should look like

    Week Tickets
    01-06-14 5
    08-06-14 4
    15-06-14 2

    if anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated

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    several ways
    one is to create a table which defines your weeks, so you know when a week starts and/or ends, join your sales table to that.

    or use the week function and some modulus maths to workout what the end of the weeks date is
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