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    Unanswered: How to Decrypt a password in SQL

    I have a set of Password data in a table which is encrypted e.g. UOTYoeUK8ae89IM6PKButX5ssew= , i was wondering how to decryted it so that it reveals the passwords.

    Thank you

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    you match encrypted passwords
    ie user keys in password
    something, somewhere encrypts that entry using the same encryption key as the stored password
    you compare both encrypted values, NOT the unencrypted userinput and the decrypted stored password

    doing it the other way means there is a means for someone to secure access to the password the user is using. that means there is a security vulnerability, especailly as users are fairly dumb on passwords (they use the same passwords accross multipel systems, or they use variation of passwords.
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    Typically I try to find the username/password from the middle tier box which connects to SQL server thru a sql connection string. Easier this way than to try to de-crypt the password in your table.

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