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    Unanswered: DB2 SQL replication upgrade

    I have a problem when running db2 sql replication after upgrade to 10.5 from 9.7.

    here the short story.
    I have db A and db B.
    db A is capture server & apply server.
    db B is apply server.
    I also have 1 server control with intall db2 data server client. this I use for create table space capture, apply, add the table for replication, start capture service and also activate the capture for table.

    On db2 version 9.7, sql replication run well.
    I have config on sql replication is only do capture on db A table to CD table.
    I don't do apply on db B. DB B I need because I cannot activate capture on db A if I don't create apply table.

    After I finish to upgrade db on db A and B, and also do upgrade on table-table catalog and also table CD on sql replication, I do upgrade client on server control. after I do is also upgrade instance. is finish and successful.

    After all I finish, I try to open gui db2rc (db2 replication) on server control.
    Gui can open, but it still loading, I can drill down sql replication menu, but all my config before upgrade is gone.

    I try to run the service capture from db A. But after upgrade I must run the service with option startmode = cold. the service can run.
    But I can not activate the capture. usually I do it from server control with GUI db2 replication, on apply subset I right click on which table I want it, and choose full refresh with manual option.

    If the db2rc on server control cannot run well and the config gone, I don't know how can I activate the capture.

    Anyone can help to solve this ?

    Thanks before.


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    if the control database, keeping all settings is still intact, you can start capture/apply from command line (see infocenter=knowledge center for needed parameters for asncap)
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