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    Unanswered: SSRS #Error

    Good day,

    I have a problem in my SSRS Report where the #Error is being displayed

    I have a matrix and in the textbox where the error is appearing I have a calculation: (A / B) * C

    I have tried changing this to:
    IIF(B = 0, 0, (A / B) * C)

    That did not solve the problem

    Then I tried:
    IIF(ISNOTHING(B, 0, IIF(B = 0, 0, (A / B) * C))

    And that to does not work

    Can anyone help me with this please. I am pulling my hair out.

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    You look to have catered for the divide by zero error, but that's not the only one that might exist.

    Are all your values actually numbers?
    How are NULLs effecting your result?

    I'd recommend outputting the actual values of A, B & C alongside the calculation to aide with debugging.

    Not the best answer, sorry, but that's all I can give with the limited detail.
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