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    Unanswered: Reports showing ID of Field query shows name of field

    I am trying to run graph on a report from query but what's happening is query shows name but report on graph shows ID'S of the field

    Below is my query

    SELECT tblMainTWTTPSheet.txtRootCause, Count(tblMainTWTTPSheet.txtRootCause) AS CountOftxtRootCause
    FROM tblMainTWTTPSheet
    GROUP BY tblMainTWTTPSheet.txtRootCause, tblMainTWTTPSheet.Date
    HAVING (((tblMainTWTTPSheet.txtRootCause) Is Not Null) AND ((Count(tblMainTWTTPSheet.txtRootCause)) Is Not Null) AND ((tblMainTWTTPSheet.Date) Between [Forms]![frmStratificationOfRootCauses]![startDate] And [Forms]![frmStratificationOfRootCauses]![endDate]));

    My bound coloum on main menu form and back end table is 1
    coloum count 2
    coloum width 0;1

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    As answered elsewhere:

    Sounds like you're using a lookup field:

    The Access Web - The Evils of Lookup Fields in Tables

    In this query you need to add the other table, joined on the ID field, and use the text field instead of the ID field.

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