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    Greeting and Salutations!

    Hi all.
    First of all, thank you for this forum. Nice to find a place where people share interest.
    I guess this is the place where you introduce yourself to community. Married with children (and a dog), workaholic, pushing 50, like beer , in serous need to go to gym (at least once a month, let's be real).
    English is not my first language so, easy on me, please!
    Some 20 years ago I was good at dBase but, careers change, kids need new shoes etc etc. Don't have clue how to even start these days .
    At my place of work, there is a need for administration software. At a moment is done "manually" and, since i am the one doing it, want to change it. In my head, i think i know what do i want. However, to transfer all those ideas in MS Access database ... it will require time (and beer).
    For past month i am playing with all samples and templates available - moving along nicely. However, almost every sample has something that stop me dead! "HtF did they do this???!!!".
    So, by finding this forum, i hope for a little help when I got stuck. Willing to share beer

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    Beer - the language of the database elders
    Welcome to the forum
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